Shuhari Labs - A distinctive finishing school for Enthusiastic IT Professionals and Just – Out- Of College Engineering Graduates who want to chart their own Career Graph in the Information Security Industry.

We at Shuhari Labs provide world class hands-on training covering the various domains of security, including both technical and Management part. Our flag-ship trainings include Mobile Security & Exploitation, Malware Analysis & Reverse Engineering, VA & PT, Network Defence & Monitoring, Application Security and Digital Forensics. Our main focus is to provide customized training programs, tailor made for each company and Academia as per their unique requisites.


Secure code audit is a highly effective process of identifying vulnerabilities in software.
We will discuss basic primitives, schemes and building blocks of cryptography + PKI.
Ethereum is a next generation blockchain which facilitates smart contracts over the internet.
This course is the culmination of years of experience gained via practical pentesting of mobile applications as well as countless hours spent in research.
To provide a hands on training on the technical aspects of attack simulation and red teaming tactics.