Adversarial attack simulation and red teaming tactics


Abhijith B R

To provide a hands on training on the technical aspects of attack simulation and red teaming tactics.

Course Content (TOC):

Day 1:
  • Introduction to Red Team operations and attack simulation
  • Offensive external Recon
  • Red team Infrastructure design, development and deployment
  • Command and control (C2) systems
  • Methods for getting Initial access
  • Defense evasion
Day 2:
  • Persistence – Persistence techniques and LOL Binaries
  • Privilege escalation
  • Internal recon techniques
  • Lateral movement and Pivoting
Day 3:
  • Active Directory infrastructure exploitation
Day 4:
  • Data exfiltration techniques
  • Section 3: Blue teams and defensive mechanisms


  • A laptop with at least 8 GB RAM, Windows and Linux virtual machines, Stable internet connectivity

Who Should Attend

  • Beginner - Intermediate hackers and cyber security professionals, students.

What to expect

  • Attack simulation and red teaming tactics, Building a mature internal red team, Active directory exploitation, Techniques to continuously test the effectiveness of the blue team and incidence response team.

What not to expect

  • Fundamentals of networking and operating systems, basic pentesting and security review.
Course Dates
29 & 30 August, 2020
5 & 6 September, 2020
4 Days

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